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 ZOO/WILD's 2015 Activities . . .

Human Elephant Conflict Impact Assessment and Awareness on Human Elephant Coexistence in Coimbatore, India


Rufford LoagPrincipal Investigator:
R. Marimuthu, Senior Education Officer
Grantee: Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation

Project Summary: The Human Elephant Conflict HEC is a very complex issue across Asia. In India, Tamil Nadu records a high rate of Human Elephant Conflict. The State Government has initiated several HEC mitigation measures but the problem is increasing. In this project, in order to identify the core cause for HEC, a survey to understand the socio economic issues such as crop and property damage, human and elephant deaths and people’s tolerance towards the problem elephants in selected human elephant conflict areas of Coimbatore division will be conducted and followed by Human Elephant Coexistence awareness programmes will be conducted.