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Getting along with Elephants workshop for Nepal - revisited
B.A. Daniel

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Getting along with Elephants workshop at Nepal

In February/ March 2009, Zoo Outreach Organization in collaboration with the National Trust for Nature Conservation, Central Zoo, Kathmandu, Nepal, and the financial support of US Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a series Human-elephant Co existence and conservation educator skills training program and trained abut 120 educators in different elephant range areas in Nepal. The workshop series in 2009 was found to be very useful as evidenced by the reports that we received after the project period and by different published and unpublished reports elsewhere. However, it was felt that similar kind of training is necessary in certain parts of Bardia National Park and hence a workshop on Human elephant coexistence HECx was organized with the help of Asian Elephant Support AES to train about 30 educators from BNP from 3-6 November 2016. The program was coordinated by Taru Women Upliftment Centre TWUC, Gulariya, Bardiya and National Trust for Nature Conservation, with the support of Bardia National Park. The training provided dynamic training and education materials to who live in Bardiya National Park.

The education module has assessment tools to know the impact of training on individual participants, and it is measured through content survey that tells the knowledge that the participant gained after the workshop. As per this assessment the highest difference before and after the workshop ranged from 9 to 90%. The group average score about the subject before the workshop was 38.98% and after the workshop was 82.35%. Follow up activities are taken up by TWUC and NTNC. Thanks to Asian Elephant Support for the timely financial support and to Heidi Riddle for her support and involvement.