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 ZOO/WILD's 2016 Activities . . .

Integrating Human Elephant Coexistence endeavors through street plays in Hosur Forest Division of Tamil Nadu, India

iefProject Investigator: Rengasamy Marimuthu
Grantee: International Elephant Foundation, USA

This proposed project is to teach community who live in or nearby Hosur Forest Division, Krishnagiri District of human elephant conflict areas and teach them about safety education on human elephant coexistence through street play (Veedhi Natakam - is a folk theatre one of the oldest and most powerful art form in Tamil Nadu) for the communities in order to save their lives and live harmoniously with elephants.

Human Elephant Coexistence-Street plays in Hosur Forest Division

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International Elephant Foundation (IEF) sponsored street plays on Human Elephant Coexistence were conducted in selected 20 Human Elephant Conflict villages in Hosur Forest Division from 14-24 March 2017. The objective of the street play is to promote human-elephant coexistence for the communities, to bring attitudinal and behavioural changes among villagers, Community to understand and take responsibility for their lives through Street-play, to learn coexist with elephants to make them understand human elepant coexisence is the only solution for human elephant conflicts and to share their learning experience with other people and engaging them in elephant conservation. Adhiyamaan Kalaikuzhu of Krishnagiri performed the street plays.

Detailed Report in ZOO'S PRINT June 2017.

Video: Street play on Human Elephant Coexistence