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 ZOO/WILD's 2016 Activities . . .

Project Kazhiru (Elephant): Targeting to achieve zero mortality in HEC areas in partnership with Tamil Nadu Forest department

USFWSProject Manager: Rengasamy Marimuthu
Grantee: US Fish and Wildlife Service

“Project Kazhiru” (Elephant) is a new pilot project initiated by the Tamil Nadu state Forest Department, India on 26 June 2015 for the Coimbatore Forest Division. The project aims to involve community people, government agencies such as district administration, revenue, agriculture, horticulture, town planning and local bodies administrators to address the issue of human elephant conflict to augment mitigation efforts so as to achieve zero percent human death due to elephant attack; to reduce the frequency of crop/property damage by elephants; to recover elephants traditional migratory paths and to secure target groups of all stakeholders. Through this project training will be provided to different stakeholders of the community and mass awareness programme for community people.