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Cool Cucumbers! Can these salty invertebrates from India be exploited?

India has over 200 species of sea cucumbers and these were harvested extensively for export as food (Beche-de-mer), for traditional medicines and for the preparation of beauty products. Owing to over-exploitation, many species face local extirpation and the government enforced a ban on sea cucumber harvest in 2001. Despite the ban, illegal harvest of sea cucumbers continues. Recently, there is a move to lift the ban, but lack of available information on livelihood dependence on this group and the lack of information on the impacts of over-exploitation of the species in the wild are the main reasons for a status quo.  It is imperative that scientific studies are conducted to establish livelihood dependence as well as impacts of harvest on sea cucumbers.

Zoo Outreach Organization has initiated a project in October 2016, to collect information on livelihood dependence by local communities to provide evidence-based recommendations to the government. This project is funded by The Mohammad bin Zayed Species Conservation fund.