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 ZOO/WILD's 2017 Activities . . .

Elephant conservation welfare training for temple mahouts and cawadi


IEFPrincipal Investigator: B.A. Daniel
Grantee:International Elephant Foundation

A study by Varman (2008) on the status of captive elephants in Tamil Nadu and other India states state recommended that those elephant handlers require training so as to improve the welfare of captive elephants. In Tamil Nadu the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments HR&CE Department conduct rejuvenation camps for temple elephants and private owned elephants too need them. This project is to conduct elephant welfare training programs for elephant handers namely mahout, cavadi, managers of private elephant owners who handle about 40 elephants in TN. Welfare of captive elephants can be developed through proper understanding of the basic biology, daily requirement, activities and behavior of the animal, proper handling, care, husbandry and humane treatment. ZOO in collaboration with HR&CE and Tamil Nadu Forest Department and industrialists is planning to have a training program in Southern Districts of TN. The project will develop a database of elephant handlers and captive elephant details that will form baseline information for future conservation initiatives.