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 ZOO/WILD's 2017 Activities . . .

Prevention and Mitigation of Conflict between Humans and Pachyderms in Nepal through outreach programmes


USFWSPrincipal Investigator: Dr. B.A. Daniel
Grantee: USFWS

Research studies in Nepal in 2015, 2016 (Pant et al. 2015, Acharya et al. 2016) lists Asian elephant on the top of 16 conflict causing wild animals that requires main focus of management efforts to minimise injury and the loss of human life and mitigate of human-animal conflict. This globally threatened species, cause more than 40% of the total human-animal conflicts in the country and responsible for 70% of human casualties due to HAC. The report also strongly recommends to educate and to train local residents about animal behaviour and to create mass awareness among communities to reduce conflicts and contribute to ensuring coexistence of people and elephants in this human dominated landscape where large mammal like elephants live.

The goal of the project is ‘Towards zero casualty of man and animal in human-elephant conflict areas and a community that appreciate and co-exist with elephants’. Major objectives of the project are: to reduce human-elephant conflict by conveying positive attitudes and effective preventative and practical behaviour; to reach out to wider target groups in three HEC areas and to create awareness about co-existence and; to evaluate the impacts of the project and to continue creating awareness even after project period. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Bardia National Park and National Trust for Nature Conservation and other NGOs will be the collaborators of the project coordinated by Zoo Outreach Organisation, India and with the financial support of USFWS.