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 ZOO/WILD's 2012 Activities . . .

International Elephant Foundation sponsored 2nd HECx awareness programme

Students with the Ele-kit

The second HECx awareness programme was conducted at Silent Valley Modern Residential School, Mukkali, Attappady in Kerala on 31 October 2012. From this school, four teachers participated in the Pookode, Wayanad HECx workshop. About 100 girl students participated in this programme and another 120 students participated as observers. All the students come from human elephant conflict areas and they are exposed to HEC problems. The students were briefed about the reasons for human elephant conflict and told them how to coexist with them. Elephant characteristics activity from the HECx teaching guide was done in order to understand elephant’s body weight, running and walking speed, sense organs and communication skills etc. that they didn’t know. Do’s and don’ts in elephant habitat also told to them in detail so as to save their life whenever they confront with elephants. Then ele-kit packet items were demonstrated and used.