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Education on Conservation of Freshwater Biodiversity of Western Ghats

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Project Investigator: Dr. B.A. Daniel
Grant Term: 01/12-
Title: Involving Community, Stakeholders and Journalists for the Conservation of Freshwater Biodiversity and Reptiles of Western Ghats through Education, Training and Follow up of the Assessment Projects.

This project is a follow up of the CEPF funded status assessments of freshwater ecosystem and reptiles in the Western Ghats. The objective of the project is to disseminate the results of the CEPF projects on freshwater and reptiles species of Western Ghats and to create awareness among local communities involving a range of stakeholders. The project cover five Western Ghats States viz Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Local communities and community heads, school teachers, educators at schools, NGO's, forest personnel, policy makers and
journalists were involved through the project. The reports produced by the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit and the Global Reptile Assessment Unit were used as the fundamental information source.

As part of this project a variety of education materials has been developed. Some of the project products are available here for free download.

"The Sahyadri Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation" education materials

Teaching Guide

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FWB Teaching Guide

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Aquatic Plants

The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in the Western Ghats, India

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The Sahyadri Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation Education Training Workshop, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 25-27 February 2013

Goa Participant
The Sahyadri Timeline by Goa participant

A three-day trainers training on Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation Education was conducted by WILD/ZOO at Coimbatore inviting selected educators from five states (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra) of the Western Ghats. This CEPF sponsored project is the follow up of the Western Ghats Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment report published by ZOO/IUCN Biodiversity Unit in 2011.

The objective of this three-day training is to take the assessment results of the report to a wide range of stakeholders such as local people, students, community and also journalists living in peninsular India. The aim of the training is to empower educators to teach about freshwater biodiversity and its conservation that can be practiced with their local audience in the Western Ghats area and to demonstrate innovative teaching and learning techniques designed to change human behaviour for the better. As part of this project a teaching manual has been developed along with a variety of education materials that was used throughout the training.

About 17 educators took part in this training and utilizing the resource materials used during the training, they will be reaching out to a wider audience involving journalists. This training is a collaborative effort of Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, Conservation Research Group, Kerala, Freshwater Fish SG – South Asia region, South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group and ZOO’s Educator Network.

Training report published in ZOO'S PRINT Magazine

Understanding classification

Web of Life Game

A scene from drama

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Workshop series on Educator Skills Training
With the support of the identified focal points, we conducted a series of educator skills training and awareness programmes in five Western Ghats states. A total of 17 programmes were conducted throughout the region. The overall objective of the training is to impart knowledge about the status of the Sahyādri Freshwater Biodiversity and to bring about attitudinal change among students and other target groups towards conservation of the species. The Sahyādri Freshwater Biodiversity Teaching Guide and other education materials developed exclusively for this in 5 different South Indian languages were used throughout the trainings.
Complete report of the workshop series can be downloaded here.

To view/download the Full Report