Major Milestones

1985 — Sally Walker establishes Zoo Outreach Organization as a Society in Mysore on 11 January.
1985 — Zoo’s Print Magazine first issue published on 21 January.
1987 — ZOO moves from Mysore to Coimbatore.
1990 — R. Marimuthu joins ZOO.
1991 — Latha Ravikumar (nee Lathadevi Gurusamy) joins ZOO.
1991 — ZOO helps establish the Central Zoo Authority.
1991 — CBSG India network established.
1992 — First single species conservation planning (PHVA) organized.
1993 — K. Geetha joins ZOO.
1993 — Sanjay Molur joins ZOO.
1993 — Move from ex situ focus to in situ focus and meta-populations.
1995 — B.A. Daniel joins ZOO.
1995 — First multi species risk assessment and management (CAMP) organized.
1995 — First taxonomic networks established (amphibians and invertebrates).
1997 — First ever national Red Listing of fauna and flora in the world by ZOO for India under the Biodiversity Conservation Prioritization Project.
1998 — Sally Walker establishes the International Zoo Educator Asia regional network.
1999 — B. Ravichandran joins ZOO.
1999 — Wildlife Information Liaison Development Society established by ZOO.
1999 — Sanjay Molur establishes the Zoos’ Print Journal as peer-reviewed sections Zoos’ Print magazine.
2000 — SAZARC established.
2000 — Sally Walker conferred the Venu Menon award for her contributions to improving animal welfare in Indian zoos.
2001 — Sally conferred Chester Zoo’s Honorary Scientific Fellow award of the North of England Zoological Society, U.K.
2002 — Teachers for Tigers educator training introduced.
2002 — The South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group of SSC IUCN established at ZOO with B.A. Daniel and T.N. Ananthakrishnan as co-chairs.
2003 — Sally Walker conferred the Heini Heidiger award for her contribution to the betterment of zoos in South Asia and zoo management in general.
2004 — ZOO USA established in Gainsville, Florida.
2004 — Marimuthu rejoins ZOO
2005 — Sally Walker conferred the Ulie Seal award for her innovation in conservation.
2005 — ZOO ZEN discontinued after 25 years of monthly technical compilations/publications.
2006 — ZOO registered as a Trust in Coimbatore.
2007 — S. Radhika joins ZOO.
2007 — Zoos’ Print Journal is discontinued, but Zoos’ Print magazine continues.
2009 — Journal of Threatened Taxa first issue published on 26 January.
2012 — Priyanka Iyer joins ZOO.
2012 — P. Vishal Ahuja joins ZOO/WILD.
2012 — Sanjay Molur conferred the IUCN Red List award in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to promoting the work of many SSC Specialist Groups in South Asia.
2014 — Latha Ravikumar conferred the CBSG’s Citation of Excellence in recognition of her energetic, efficient & enthusiastic management of CBSG South Asia office since 1991.
2016 — Sally Walker retires from active ZOO work and moves back to USA.
2016 — Sanjay Molur formally takes over as Executive Director of ZOO.
2017 — Zoo’s Print changed into a conservation science communication magazine.
2017 — Logo of ZOO changed along with the brand name of Zooreach.
2018 — ZOO 33rd Anniversary.
2018 — JoTT 10th Anniversary.
2019 — Sally Walker passed away.
2020 — Sanjay Molur conferred the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award.
2020 — P. Vishal Ahuja wins the Sanctuary Nature Foundation's Mud on Boots Project Award.
2020 — The Sally Walker Lifetime Award for Conservation given to Dr. Lala Aswini Kumar Singh for outstanding and dedicated service to Indian Wildlife.
2021 — 1st Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation (RHATC) - Guiding young leaders in Conservation for the future
2022 — Usha Ravindra joins ZOO
2022 — Trisa Bhattacharjee joins ZOO
2022 — 2nd Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation (RHATC) - Guiding young leaders in Conservation for the future
2023 — Zooreach logo change
2023 — 3rd Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training in Conservation (RHATC) - Training New Conservators For Our Threatened World
2023 — Approved as Research Centre of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)