Zoo Outreach Organization is running its own educator's network named ZOO's Educator Network ZEN and the member represents from all South Asian countries. ZEN develops much educational material for all target groups; making use of scientific facts about species and their habitats from workshops we conduct involving indigenous scientists.

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Common objectives of ZOO Networks

  • To encourage and promote the species studies, by organizing and running a network of species specialists, and to provide them useful services.
  • To maintain a check list and data base -- as complete and correct as possible -- of bats of South Asia providing local, national and regional information to be shared with important national and international agencies and organisations;
  • To catalyse, organize, conduct and follow-up conservation assessment and other workshops and training exercises for species specialists of South Asia and public education projects as appropriate, nationally or regionally.
  • To follow up such workshops with recommendations to local, state, national and regional wildlife authorities for protection for threatened species and promotion of further studies of Data Deficient species (ongoing but much needs to be done).
  • To research and disseminate information about funding sources for field surveys
  • To prepare a Directory of specialists of South Asia for distribution to all network members.\
  • To prepare educational materials at different levels on for conveying to policy makers, politicians, and the public - all ages and languages.
  • To involve researchers in public education by providing printed material and guidelines.