Art is an extremely powerful medium that has been used very effectively in the past to communicate social and environmental issues. Understanding this, Zooreach launched the Art for Conservation (A4C) project on 1 September 2023 with support from the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai to communicate the interconnected global problems of climate crisis and species loss that is destabilising human lives everywhere!

We are collaborating with expert/experienced artists (Stephen and Luci Nash for Illustrative art; Sunita and Chetan Shetty for Storytelling; Dharanidharan for Performing arts (theatre)) to build and train budding artists through workshops to create effective artworks based on sound science that will create awareness and encourage wildlife conservation and climate action to bring people from various streams and demographics into the fold to amplify impact. The final culmination will be an exhibition of all these artworks and bringing together other wildlife artists!

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The Storytelling workshop, 21–23 April 2024

A team (Sunita & Chetan Shetty and Audrey & Peter Viegas) from The Storytellers Pune are experts teaching the workshop.

Selected Participants

Aditya Salvi

With a passion for marine conservation and for the silent cries of nature, Aditya Salvi is a freelance Marine Biology student who is on a mission to be the voice of the voiceless!

Lalitha Shankar

Lalitha, is a certified storyteller and compassionate educator, who believes in weaving narratives that inspire, educate, and uplift.

Senbaga Poonguzhali

Co-founder of 'Stories.Craft.Fun', Senbaga empowers children through storytelling to foster a love for nature and conservation.

Sangeetha Jayachandran

Driven by a passion to educate the next generation, Sangeetha is a dedicated teacher who uses storytelling as a powerful tool to raise awareness about climate crisis and environmental issues.

Anooja A

Through captivating storytelling and innovative educational modules, Anooja A, a nature educator and freelance communicator artist inspires young minds to become guardians of the environment.

Vardhini Suresh

As a Project Coordinator for Lake Restoration and Consultant at ATREE, Vardhini is a dedicated individual who seeks to enhance stakeholder engagement through the power of storytelling.

Unaiza fathima

Determined to foster positive values and attitudes, Unaiza offers tailored soft skills training to empower students in shaping a brighter, more harmonious world.

Nanthiga M.S.

As a political science student at Kumaraguru College, Nanthigha intertwines her passion for conservation with innovative biomimicry projects, driving river restoration efforts and policy formulation through community engagement and storytelling.

Praveen Razario

Conserving sharks and rays are Praveen's passion. Involved in research, he is eager to learn and communicate the importance of conserving marine species to communities through storytelling.

Paridhi Modi

A graduate in economics learning and exploring more about conservation and ecological economics, Paridhi is here to acquire storytelling skills to effectively communicate the need for conservation.

Sakthivel P.

A government school teacher with the dream of taking knowledge about wildlife and nature to the future generations and inspiring them.

The Illustrative Art workshop, 25–27 April 2024

Scientific illustrators Stephen and Luci Nash from Stony Brook University, New York, are the experts teaching the workshop.

Selected Participants

Lakshmi Niranjana

As a master's student in Ecology and a freelance artist, Laksnmi plans to beautifully merge science and art to advocate for climate change and wildlife conservation.

Anjali Pujari

Anjali is an interdisciplinary artist and emerging writer, who channels fascination with insects into intricate chalk carvings, aiming to spark conversations about insect ecology and conservation.

Janani Karthik

With a passion for visual storytelling and a dedication to wildlife conservation education, Janani aims to create impactful illustrations for children, fostering empathy and awareness for our natural world.

Megha Kashyap

As a designer at the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum, Megha advocates for urban sustainability merges art and science communication to raise awareness about ecological and climate-related issues.

Maya Santhanakrishnan

As an empathetic artist driven by a deep desire for change, Maya channels her passion into creating impactful animations that inspire empathy and hope and meaningful stories that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Sruthy I.S.

With a passion for scientific accuracy and a commitment to meaningful communication, sruthy strives to make a lasting impact through her illustrative work.

Sambita Modak

Sambita a freelance artist weaving together ecological research, conservation efforts, and climate crisis awareness through artistry.

Renuka Pooja K.G.

Using comics and digital art to spark conversations on climate crisis solutions. Instagram is Renuka's canvas for reaching and engaging with a global audience.


Specializing in digital illustration, Alaguraj is dedicated to highlighting Eastern Ghats' wildlife through art for conservation outreach.

Athulya N.K.

Freelance artist from Kerala using nature illustrations to promote conservation, Athulya is proud to merge art and advocacy with Good Earth NGO

Indira Naidu

Indira, a wildlife conservationist and snake enthusiast, is a project coordinator at Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, bringing her expertise in outreach and educational programs to tackle Human-Snake Conflict at Croc Bank.

The Performing Art (Theatre) workshop, 29–30 April & 1 May 2024

Performing theatre artist Dharanidharan, founder of Udalveli Arts Foundation is the expert teaching the workshop.

Selected Participants

Santhosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar wants to learn new skills to communicate conservation better.

P. Padma

Meet Padma, aka Paddy, a versatile narrative artist pushing the boundaries of storytelling through theatre and online performances. With a passion for creativity and a knack for coordination, she crafts captivating experiences that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.

Meenakshi A.K.

Master's student in Ecology with a passion for environmental science and a talent for blending theatre and drama with scientific expertise to engage and educate audiences of all ages.

Arjun Samudra

Passionate advocate for the transformative power of theatre, with a personal commitment to environmental conservation. Arjun is eager to leverage theatre as a tool for spreading awareness and inspiring action on conservation issues.

Harihara Prasath

Harihara an energetic, driven individual with rapid learning abilities, strong communication skills, and a passion for technology excels in hands-on fieldwork.

Kasinath Anil

Working on a project entitled “Action for the unique and threatened freshwater fishes of the Western Ghats Region of India” Kasinath Anil is working towards a sustainable future.

Shankar S.R.

Shankar is a passionate advocate for environmental awareness and education, leveraging his role as Centre Head at Sarji Preschool and trustee of JiV to inspire future generations in Shimoga, Karnataka.

Abhishek M.

Motivated nature educator with five years of progressive experience. Abhishek is a energetic self-starter skilled at navigating challenging situations.

Ashritha Anoop

Experienced project coordinator and skilled wildlife researcher specializing in nature education, community-based conservation, and outreach initiatives. Ashritha has an excellent ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, develop impactful workshops.

Marimuthu R.

Seasoned Senior Education Officer with over two decades of experience spanning multiple continents in zoo management, wildlife conservation, and environmental education.

Tandrali Baruah

Tandrali, a conservation educator, endeavors to simplify scientific knowledge into accessible concepts through different mediums, empowering individuals to take meaningful action towards conserving planet earth.