In 1997 and 1998 Conservation Assessment and Management Plan (CAMP) workshops were conducted for reptiles in India and Sri Lanka. Out of 450 species for India 100 were Data Deficient and of 175 for Sri Lanka 23 were Data Deficient. At the workshop however it was apparent that the people involved in reptile studies in India, apart from a few prominent ones, were more scattered than the amphibian researchers. Generally people did not know what studies were going on among the reptile researchers and institutes specializing in reptiles. There was not even a complete checklist. There was a gross difference between the number of species of reptiles, the amount of knowledge available and the number of people working on them. It seemed timely to initiate a Network with the objectives of networking of Reptile field researchers in South Asia and compiling a directory of Reptile Researchers and publishing biannual newsletter so that the reptile researchers of the whole of South Asian can become more of a community.

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