Zoo Outreach Organization Climate Change Activities : Education, Training, Network

Climate Change Education : ZOO educators created material linking Biodiversity and Climate change for youngsters proved a effective means of spreading knowledge about both.

Climate Change Training: The South Asian Zoo Association held their 10th Annual Conference on the theme of Climate Change. Participants formed country-based climate change working groups for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan and India, working together. The groups assessed animals in their own zoo collections to ascertain which species were more vulnerable to climate change with a focus on education and conservation

Climate Change Network: Zoo Outreach Organization (ZOO) representing the CPSG/WAZA Climate Change Task Force started a Climate Change Network (CCN) for South Asia, inviting members of our taxon and thematic networks to participate. ZOO and network members have been contributing, commenting upon and exchanging articles, announcements, correspondence, comments, educational tools etc., on a regular basis since 2009.