The Team

Sanjay Molur, Ph.D.
Executive Director Trustee, ZOO
Secretary, WILD

I moved to Coimbatore 29 years back from Bengaluru when I joined ZOO as a program officer. Having assisted Sally in all of the ZOO activities I specialized as a research and conservation scientist; the philosophy I share with Sally I continue in her shoes as executive director. I have a PhD on bats and rodents of Coorg and I specialize in risk assessments and conservation planning of species (plants, animals and fungi), in promoting peer-reviewed publications, and in communicating science for conservation. I share common likes of wilderness and school outreach with my wife Payal and our daughter Elakshi Mahika.

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Latha G Ravikumar, MBA
Finance Director Trustee, ZOO
Treasurer, WILD

I began as an accountant/computer operator and now with an MBA and as the Finance Director and Administrator.  I oversee accounts, administration, and legalities. I’m also integrally involved in all the projects, Zoos’ Print, scientific databases, web developing and designing, helping with developing educational materials, travel planning, and computer services among others.  I have been working in ZOO for more than 31 years. I got to learn many things from my mentor, friend, and boss Ms. Sally Walker for whom I am grateful beyond words.  My big family (parents, brothers, hubby Ravikumar, kids Rajesh, Tarun, and Manjari) are my strength and are willing volunteers of tasks at ZOO.

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R. Marimuthu, Education Officer
Additional Trustee

I am a native of Tiruvarur District of Tamil Nadu and have a graduate degree in Wildlife Biology from A.V.C. College, Mayiladuthurai. I worked as a biologist at Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai for a few years. I first joined ZOO as a Research Assistant in 1990, worked for four years and worked in Brunei before rejoining ZOO in 2004.  Though my special interest is creating conservation awareness to the different strata of people in the society, of late I am concentrating more on raising funds to do field projects, arranging capacity building training for forest personnel and education projects. My pastime is visiting zoos and protected areas in India and abroad.

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B. Ravichandran, Managing Editor, JoTT
Additional Trustee

I joined as an Administrative Assistant in 1999 with office clerical works and assisted in more than 15 workshops (PHVA, CAMP, Field Technique, Teachers for Tigers series, SAZARC). While maintaining the library at ZOO, I developed DTP skills and became an editorial assistant for Zoo’s Print Journal in 2014. Later I Joined JoTT as a Managing Editor when it started in 2009. I have an undergraduate degree, but my attempt at a graduate degree was in vain as JoTT and personal life kept me very busy. I’m married and have one daughter.  Hobbies are sports, listening to music and photography.

K. Geetha, Accounts cum Project Executive
Additional Trustee

I have been working in ZOO for more than 20 years.  I help with accounts, administration, projects and educational printing and compilation works.  I am always willing to do any job that is given to me.  I love to be a part of ZOO.  My hobbies are making rangoli, listening to music, and helping people. I have two sons named Veerakumar and Ashok and both have completed engineering degrees and are ready for their adventure.

S. Radhika
Accounts cum Project Executive

I have been working in ZOO since 2007.  I help with projects, accounts, administration, typesetting, web work etc. I am a native of Coimbatore and have a graduate degree in commerce.  I love to learn new things.  I have a smart 11 year old daughter Sanjana and a hardworking husband Suresh. I love to watch movies and spend time with family.

Priyanka Iyer
Researcher / Associate Editor

I fell in love with wildlife a long time ago, which has kept me going. After an undergraduate degree in mass communication from Mumbai University I pursued my passion by exploring various aspects of conservation such as publications, education, field research and policy work. After over 5 years of work experience including projects concerning freshwater biodiversity conservation, I went on to earn an M.Phil in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge. I am currently working as an Associate Editor of JoTT and a researcher interested in marine life. My hobbies include reading, dance and wildlife art.

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P. Vishal Ajuha

I hail from Chamba and am a teacher by trade. I joined ZOO/WILD in 2012 for the Himalayan Grey Langur Project. I and my team, studied the distribution, threats, and conservation status of Chamba Sacred Langur. I am married and have two kids.

Bhargavi Srinivasulu, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

Bhargavi earned a Ph.D. in birds from the Osmania University. She is a Chiropterologist (bat expert). She affiliated with Zoo Outreach Organisation for several years and also works as intern at zoology department of Osmania University.

Usha Ravindra
Research Assistant

I hail from Bangalore and basically a physicist. Now, I am on my journey to explore wildlife and am yet to find out how I can contribute to conserving them through research.

Trisa Bhattacharjee
RHATC Coordinator

I'm an MSc Ecology student from Pondicherry University. I'm a wildlife enthusiast and I like studying human perceptions. I like spending my time with forests and other indigenous communities. I was a proud student in Zoo Outreach Organization's first batch of Ram Hattikudur Advanced Training Course.

Tandrali Baruah

My passion for environment education started long back during my internship stint at WWF India Assam office. Throughout my journey of 3+ years as an environment educator for WWF India Assam I have played pivotal role in fostering positive learning experiences and unleashing the full potential of students and educators alike by bridging the gap between environment awareness and conservation action. I am currently work in Zoo Outreach Organisation as an Educator. I am working on promoting ocean literacy in India under the 1OCEAN project.

B.A. Daniel Ph.D.

Currently, he is working on the Joint Forest Management programme involving the local community in Srivilliputhur, which will conclude by 30 June 2024. Aside from this project, he has officially resigned from ZOO..

Mohammed Ashik
Project Manager

Currently, he is working on the Joint Forest Management programme involving the local community in Srivilliputhur, which will conclude by 30 June 2024.

Research Affiliates

Manju Siliwal

Manju Siliwal earned her doctorate degree on ‘Spiders of Agroecosystem’ from M.S. University of Baroda, Gujarat in 2002. She joined as a post-doctorate fellow at WILD in 2002 to study mygalomorph (tarantula and related) spiders. In the last two decades I have worked on the taxonomy of spiders and have developed expertise on mygalomorph systematics. She teaches spider taxonomy to undergraduate students and researchers. At present, she is affiliated with the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun for the DST-Women Scientist (A) grant for a molecular systematics project on mygalomorphs. She has over 55 peer-reviewed publications and have received many international grants.

Mewa Singh

Mewa Singh is an internationally acclaimed expert on ecology and animal behaviour with emphasis on non-human primates. His research has paved the way to better understand social behaviour, resource distribution strategies, ecology, demography and the impacts of habitat destruction on various threatened species. His work on the Slender Loris and the Lion-tailed Macaque brought international attention to these highly endangered but little-known species and has driven on-ground conservation action. His decades long career has seen him shine in the role of Dean at University of Mysore and is currently a Professor For Life at the University. He has mentored a generation of students, many of whom are pursuing studies of their own in the domain of animal behavior, ecology, and conservation biology. With several awards to his credit and with a vast knowledge in various fields of science Mewa is a treasure trove and a steady guiding hand for the students.

Sameer Padhye

Sameer Padhyae is a Data Analyst with 9+ years of experience in interpreting and analyzing scientific research data and am proficient in data wrangling, modeling & visualization. His research interests include systematics, biodiversity and biogeography of Branchiopoda (Arthropoda: Crustacea) from the Indian subcontinent, biodiversity dynamics and community ecology of some freshwater invertebrates in the Oriental tropics with special reference to eutrophicated water bodies and rock pools.

Sayantan Das

Sayantan Das manages the Nicobar Project of the Biopsychology laboratory at the University of Mysore. He is interested in behavior, ecology and environmental conservation.

Nagarathna Balakrishna

I am Nagarathna Balakrishna. I have completed my Master's in Ecology and Environmental Science (2019) from Pondicherry University. I am passionate about wildlife ecology and conservation. I am particularly interested in looking at how anthropogenic activities are driving major changes in animal societies such as speciation and how it affects their ecology and behaviour.

Also we hire many temporary and part time employees time to time for short-term projects.